Monday, January 12, 2015

Transition week

After the completion of transition week i have learned a few things. One, always cook more than you want, convenience is something of the past and hunger strikes at a moments notice.
Secondly my symptoms are directly related to what i eat or don't eat and I need to stay focused on that.
I hope to be a better blogger in the 30 days ahead and share with you my trials and pitfalls.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Transition Week Day 2

Day 2 started off pretty good. I woke up with less pain and had some serious energy to use up. This fact kind of praised me on. I had told myself that this week would be hard and I might have MORE pain because of withdrawal from foods that I was no longer eating. I experienced zero stomach issues and enjoyed less symptoms all day.

I made myself a brunch and decided to do some batch cooking so I would have food handy and available to munching on. My brunch menu Chicken and Vegetable oven pockets. I made 4 so I now have left overs yay!
I placed veggies on foil square and piece of meat on top and bake in oven for 45 minutes.

They look and taste delicious!

I also made a cucumber radish undressed salad which was yummy as well and a miso soup cup.

Dinner is fish, rice and miso soup.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Transition week Day 1 Jan 7, 2015

Day 1

To tell you the truth I got off to a rough start. School started again today so we woke up at dark thirty in the morning and me on autopilot immediately filled up my coffee cup and began to wake up. Three sips into the coffee I began coughing uncontrollably and worried that I might throw up, realizing my mistake I dumped out coffee and switched to water for awhile until coughing subsided and went on to drink hot tea the rest of the a.m.

I decided that this week is going to be a transition week. The AIP diet is very strict and I am really interested in doing in properly and finding some real solutions to health/medical issues but I want to be successful as well. For the first week I will be adhering to the plan abstaining from sugar, grains, nightshades, dairy and next week I go full on into the food list. The major thing I am doing different this week is the addition of Miso Soup which is not on the food list. I included this food for week one to do some benefit on my digestive system which seems to be very unbalanced.

This is information from an article from the SF Gate about the benefits of Miso.


Intestinal Flora

Your large intestine contains about 100 trillion beneficial microorganisms from more than 500 different species. These microorganisms, called your normal flora, help you digest your food and process indigestible fiber, which you then eliminate in stool. They also protect you from pathogenic bacteria you ingest with food by maintaining a proper balance of bacterial colonies in your intestine. Mostly anaerobic bacteria that don't require oxygen to live, your normal flora also produce vitamin K, an important clotting factor. If you contract a digestive illness or take antibiotics, some of these beneficial bacteria may die, potentially leading to diarrhea or other intestinal problems.

Probiotic Miso

Miso paste is a probiotic food that contains millions of microorganisms similar or identical to those beneficial bacteria that live in your large intestine. These microorganisms grow during the fermentation that produces miso, a process that typically takes anywhere from a few days to a year or more. The length of the fermentation process determines the flavor strength of the miso and also contributes to the number of probiotic organisms in the final paste. Nutritionally, miso paste provides mostly carbohydrate with some protein. It is also rich in several of the B-complex vitamins and contains several minerals, including calcium, iron, zinc, copper and magnesium.

Probiotic Benefits

Probiotic foods such as miso paste have a number of health benefits. In addition to contributing new bacteria to your existing intestinal colonies, miso can also help you overcome intestinal illness, including diarrhea. According to the Harvard School of Public Health, consuming probiotic foods can shorten the duration of infectious diarrhea, especially in infants and children. The Harvard website also summarizes strong evidence indicating that proobiotic foods can reduce the incidence of diarrhea caused by antibiotics by as much as 60 percent. In addition, the Mayo Clinic says that probiotic foods may also help treat irritable bowel syndrome and certain intestinal infections.

Yes I had soup for breakfast and it was yummy. Day 1 breakfast Miso soup with broccoli, carrot, green bean and mushrooms. Hot tea for beverage. I ate breakfast and took my daughter shopping, I was unprepared for the incredible food cravings that hit me while out. I was able to push them aside and make it home. I got home and relaxed and began to feel shaky. I guess from lack of carbs and knowing me I probably did not consume enough calories. I decided I better make a big lunch and begin to think about dinner time. Amazing how when you are doing any kind of diet the only thing you can think about it food!

Lunch was two fish fillets with tumeric seasoning and green beans, it was yummy and filled my up. I also began thinking about dinner and prepped my vegetables since I was going to my inlaws house for a roast and I would skip the bread and rice and stick to veggies and meat.

I also included a Mock-tail for my day. Lemon Ginger Iced Tea with a splash of fresh squeezed juice, refreshing and satisfying. I didn't even miss my five o'clock drinky poo.

Monday, January 5, 2015

The New Year

I am going to keep this incredibly short tonight in prepartion for what is ahead. Things are not working like they should, my body is incredibly out of balance and is really trying to control my life. I plan on taking some control back and trying the Autoimmune Protocol Diet to see if I can heal some stuff going on deep inside me. I will talk more about that in the coming months along with the reasoning behind this experiment. I plan on being transparent and sharing with people my experience with this aspect of healing Autoimmune Diseases.

As for tonight.... a shot of tequila and home made enchaladas! Saying goodbye to old comfort food.